Chess Courses

At International Chess School, we run more professional chess courses, for all levels in chess. Our Grandmaster Package comes with three 1-year chess courses and follows a structured plan of study and improvement. The students of this package benefit of all our courses, including the "Core Course", the very practical chess course: "Chess Essentials" and the advanced chess course: "Systems of Champions".

Chess Course #1: "CORE COURSE"

The first year of Grandmaster Package comes with the foundation courses for high levels in chess. You will study like a professional player and will follow a complete course of chess strategy, a course on chess thinking, a course of chess tactics, calculation, visualization, art of analysis, positional chess tests and everything you need for serious progress in chess.

Our chess courses are perfectly structured and follow a professional, well-conceived program of improvement. Your chess will improve month by month, every month.

In support to the chess courses, you will also get our help with any problem you might have, a real chess teacher support, and many hours of instructive video lectures.

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Chess Courses #2: "Chess Essentials & Practice"

Note: These chess course are available only to members of Grandmaster Package.

A one-year chess course will present you Practical Strategy from opening to the endgame. You will receive instructive chess games - thoroughly annotated at all the important moments, often move by move. You will learn gradually as the games are chosen from all levels in chess from amateur up to grandmaster.
After studying these games, you will be able to recognize most of the positional mistakes you and your opponents make. So, in this chess course, it is like having your own chess games analyzed. You will improve as you become able to eliminate these mistakes from your play and spot them in your opponent's play.

Two individual video chess courses will comprehensively present two critical aspects of the game: Attack & Defense and Complex Endgames. Over 60 hours of enjoyable, easy to follow video courses!

Chess Course #3: "Systems of Champions"

Note: This course is available only to members of Grandmaster Package.

With this one-year course you will learn hundreds of plans and ideas in chess, gaining the knowledge that is essential for play at a high level. This chess course is structured to teach you all major opening systems in chess as played by the World Chess Champions.
You will learn to play almost any position on the chess board. You will learn that the opening could be subordinate to your style of play and your preferred pawn structures. This course is also excellent if you want to change your opening repertoire as you will understand the essence of every major opening and their typical middlegames.

As a bonus for this chess course, we offer 96 video lectures - we present and analyze modern games played by the elite grandmasters of today. You will learn modern ways to approach the opening and some of the newest and most interesting plans.