Chess Course for High Performance

Everyone wants to improve at chess but very few become chess masters. In fact, many chess enthusiasts study a lot of books and hire personal teachers but never reach a high rating. Why is that? Because they do not study a serious chess course with a structured program of study and training for long term.

structured chess course for high performance

With our core chess course, Grandmaster Package ™, you'll follow a structured plan of study and improvement of one year (more exactly, 13 months) - download the program.

"This isn’t just a “pot boiler” like so many courses and books, but a serious, well thought out course of instruction. ...mastering the material coupled with time, play, and perseverance will surely suffice to create a player of master strength. Well done!" - Dr. Edward B., USA

Your chess will improve month by month, right from the first month of your study.
Upon completing the course, our students report a big increase in their rating, from 200 to 800 rating points, depending on their initial level. Read students reviews »

  • You'll gain the knowledge that a strong chess master should have;
  • You'll learn advanced chess strategy, tactics, calculation, complex endgames;
  • You'll do exercises, tests, positional training, board visualization training;
  • Everything is in one place, following a perfect plan of study and training;
  • The free teacher support will help you overcome any obstacle in your study very fast.

The program, lessons, and exercises are designed for students with high goals in chess.
We have students from under 1200 rating, up to over 2200 rating! We offer expert teacher support as part of your membership, so we will make sure that you will have maxium benefit from our course even if you are a beginner.

"I wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of the material provided. I have an ELO of around 2150 and have read hundreds of chess books. Rarely, if ever, have I encountered such a clear explanation." - John M, USA