The Chess Lessons. Tests. Samples.

The main difference between a chess master and an amateur player is the level of understanding and the "feeling" of the position. This is chess strategy and the way of thinking during the game. Our School's lessons are focused on these aspects.
Beside teaching in high detail chess middlegames and complex endgames, our lessons teach the student how to think like a chess master to be ready to play well in any position on the chess board.

structured chess course for high performance

Our course is designed for an advanced level but the lessons are detailed and clear so, fortunately, beginners can understand and follow the course. The beginners will learn chess the right way from the start which is essential for future progress.

"I have read hundreds of chess books over the years but never learned many of the points which you made so clear! The way you break down the positional evaluation it's all so logical and easy to understand. [...]
I have read many books on positional chess but none break it down the way you do. Thanks for a great course!
" - Jeff K, USA

Annotated Games, Exercises, Video Lectures and Tests

The theoretical lessons are complimented with annotated games, video lectures, exercises, and tests which constitute the practical part of the course. This follows the great Russian method of Botvinnik's school of chess where students were given many positions for solving at home.

Examples and Games: highly instructive examples and annotated games will demonstrate how theory is applied in practice.

Exercises: The exercises test how well the student understood the lessons. The solutions are thoroughly explained so that the student has the second chance to understand and digest the theoretical concepts.

Video lectures: A set of video lectures will help the student understand better theoretical lessons and new concepts from the beginning of the course.

Final chess tests: The final tests at the end of the course are targeted at the master level. Indeed, we are expecting that in 9 months of the course, the student will have a good theoretical knowledge to be tested at that high level.
The solutions are like lessons on their own, explaining in detail how the best plan and moves can be found.

Lesson samples

The Grandmaster Package covers a large variety of material: lessons on strategy, tactics, openings, complex endgames, thinking process, annotated games, practical chess guides, board visualization, quizzes, positional tests, and more. The following lessons are from the beginning of the course: