International Chess School

When you study at International Chess School, you are ensured high-quality chess lessons and world-class chess teachers.

We have been online for more than 12 years and continue to be the #1 website for professional chess training. We are proud to have created a World Chess Champion at the scholastic world championship, several national champions (from more countries around the World) and many FIDE titled players.
You can become student of our chess school by subscribing to our core chess course, Grandmaster Package ».

A Truly International Chess School

You can take our chess courses from anywhere in the world. Thousands of students from the United States to Tanzania, Russia to Aruba, Norway to South Africa, and more study chess online with us. Join our community today by subscribing to our chess chess course.

Chess Courses

The Grandmaster Package is our core chess course. You will follow a professional study and training program, with unique strategy lessons and exercises. What you learn makes all the difference! You will learn chess strategy at the master level in just one year.

The students at our chess school also have access to other chess courses, annotated games, tests, puzzles, openings, video lectures, and more.

High-Quality Chess Lessons

We take pride in our lessons. What and how you learn make the difference between success and failure. Our chess lessons are efficient, bringing maximum knowledge to the student in a minimum amount of time.

Check out several samples of our chess lessons on openings, middlegames, chess strategy and tactics, endgames, and more. Many positional chess tests will help you test your knowledge and progress.

Chess Teachers

Professional chess teachers, including one of the strongest players in the world, the TOP Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, over 2700 best FIDE ELO, teach at our chess school through our online courses.

Video Chess Lessons

Our courses include highly instructive and easy-to-follow video chess instruction. At the International Chess School, we offer these video lectures as bonus! We now have over 130 hours of free video lessons - and counting!

Reviews of International Chess School

The students of our chess school make real, substantial progress in chess. Many of our students have become chess masters, national champions, and FIDE-titled players.

Neil Dietsch, President of Alabama Chess Federation:
"Over the past two years his [a boy of 11 years old now] rating has risen from just under 1000 to 1824. Initially I used what I learned from your course to teach my students. When the time came where it was clear his chess talent was exceeding my own, I was able to move him to mostly self-study of the Grandmaster course.
As my students have taken home more trophies recently at state tournament competitions where several more highly rated coaches compete, there have been questions about my "secret weapon". Of course I have been happy to share that it is the International Chess School.

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Chess Education

Playing and studying chess improves critical and strategy thinking, intuition, organization, concentration, patience, and decision-making process, which all help both adults and children obtain better results in their professional activities.