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Grandmaster Package™ is our 13-month core chess course, designed for high performance. You can choose the monthly program or the full course, all at once. With any option, you have:

  • Teacher Support whenever you need clarifications on the lessons;
  • Teacher Guidance whenever you need advice on how to study;
  • Lifetime Access to your account and all the lessons.

Grandmaster Package Monthly Program

Your account is updated on a monthly basis for 13 months giving you access to new lessons of strategy, tactics, annotated games, and exercises.
You can stop / interrupt the course whenever you want.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Selecting the monthly program, you have a 25-day 100% money back guarantee for the first month purchased. If you feel that the course is not right for you, we will stop your subscription and send the money of the first month back to you.

monthly program (13 months)

price: $70 US / month
price: $34 US / month

Grandmaster Package The Full Course + 3 x Evaluations

You will get immediate access to the Full 13-month Grandmaster Package.

With this option, you also get as bonus 3 Evaluations! One at the beginning of the course, one after 6 months, and the third when you complete the course.
An evaluation consists in a set of 6 complex middlegame positions that you'll have to solve and write everything you think about. Your solutions to these specially chosen positions will tell a lot about your chess and how you need to train.

With this option you save a lot for the course fee, plus you get 3 evaluations bonus, $150 value.

3 Evaluations (bonus)
Full 13-month Course

price: $1060 US
price: $392 US