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Want to Improve your Chess?

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Of course, everybody wants to improve and do a lot of things for this. Many enthusiasts play a lot of online blitz, do a lot of tactical exercises, watch video chess lectures, and even study some books, maybe.
Still... they do not improve much. Why?

Want to know how to improve your chess? Mind, first, the most common obstacles to improvement!

Chess Strategy at Master Level

chess strategy position

What is behind a strong master? It is good chess strategy!
What means "good chess strategy"? We'll briefly present here some of the elements of strategy that a master uses in his games.

Chess strategy at master level. Seven recommendations that you can try today.

How to Become a Chess Grandmaster

pawns' king

Like in any domain, to become a professional chess player, you need to prepare very seriously, learn openings, endgames, understand very well the strategy of chess and have a keen eye for tactics. There is no "secret" and it surely doesn't happen "overnight".

How easy is to become a chess grandmaster "overnight"?

Why and How to Analyze your Chess Games

analyze chess

Top grandmasters, including world champions, like M. Botvinnik and G. Kasparov stress about the importance of analyzing your own games. It helps you identify and correct the mistakes in your own play. We completely agree and have prepared a detailed guide on how to do this.

Analyze your Chess Games - a detailed guide

How Good Can You Become at Chess in One Year with
Professional Chess Lessons, Tests and Teacher Support?