Chess Lessons: The Grandmaster's Path to Chess Excellence

Our chess lessons follow a structured program for study and improvement. They offer concise, practical guidance designed to deliver maximum information without unnecessary complexity. Each lesson spans 4-7 pages, providing comprehensive coverage of each topic.

All lessons are available in PDF format for convenient download to your computer or device. You can even print them for study using a physical chess board.

The course is divided into two main parts:

  • Months 1-9: Chess lessons covering strategy, tactics, exercises, and annotated games.
  • Months 10-13: Advanced lessons on chess technique, calculation, and chess tests.

Chess Lessons in Month 1: "Think Like a Strong Player"

From the very first month, we immerse you in the correct thought processes for chess. You'll learn about creating a "TO DO" list, understanding the consequences of moves, identifying real threats, and how to respond to your opponent's moves.
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"Making decisions in chess" is a straightforward yet practical lesson that guides you in choosing the best moves.
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Chess Tactics: The Foundation
The importance of tactics is stressed from the beginning, as it forms the bedrock of your chess journey. The first lesson emphasizes board visualization and the dynamics of tactical interactions between pieces.
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In the next chess lessons and annotated chess games of the first month, you'll also gain insights into evaluating positions when the material is equal and handling positions with material imbalances.

Chess Lessons in Month 2: "The Two Centers"

This month focuses on two key aspects in chess: the board center and the king's safety.
You'll learn to evaluate the king's safety, understand various structures around the king, and master the role of attacking and defending pieces. Comprehensive chess lessons, along with thoroughly annotated games, will show you how to attack the opponent's king in various positions and scenarios.

Pawn structures in then center (static, closed, open, dynamic, and mobile) and their associated strategies and tactics are explored, allowing you to spot patterns and apply effective ideas immediately.

Chess Lessons in Months 3-4: "Master Piece Play"

These months delve into specific strategies for each chess piece. You'll discover how to maximize their effectiveness, improve piece coordination, and harness them for attack and defense.

Topics include leveraging advantages in development, local force superiority, evaluating positions by comparing piece values, or addressing common errors.

Tactics lessons will hone your ability to calculate variations in complex positions and eliminate mistakes.

Chess Lessons in Months 5-6: "Master Pawn Play"

These months emphasize creating and exploiting pawn weaknesses in your opponent's camp while strengthening your own position. You'll learn about the significance of space advantage, dynamic structures, and creating weaknesses in your opponent's structures.

Blockades, pawn majorities and other key concepts are thoroughly explored and reinforced with exercises.

The tactics lessons cover pawn combinations and advanced techniques for defending inferior positions.

Chess Lessons in Months 7-8: "Pawn Structures Explained"

Middlegame play is profoundly influenced by pawn structure. These months include advanced chess lessons on various common pawn formations such as isolated pawns, hanging pawns, the isolated pawn couplex, pawn phalanxes, static centers, various blocked structures, and dynamic structures. These lessons will enable you to play complex middlegames with precision.

Tactics: You will study the tactical collaboration between pieces, which will help you make good quick decisions in complicated positions.

Chess Lessons in Month 9: "Advanced Fighting Strategies"

In the final month of the first part of the course, you'll explore modern dynamics, piece mobility, initiative, and cooperative play between pieces and pawns. The importance of prophylaxis in chess is also highlighted.

Chess Lessons and Tests in Months 10-13: "The Art of a Master, Analysis"

The second part of the course is dedicated to enhancing your analytical skills. It includes intensive analysis of numerous chess positions. The emphasis is on accurate analysis, a skill championed by chess legends like Botvinnik and Kasparov.

Each week for four months, you'll tackle a series of problems designed to sharpen your analytical abilities and understanding of complex positions.

Technique of Play
The course provides valuable lessons on playing technique to bridge the gap often left by annotated games. These lessons offer insights into moves that may seem obvious to experienced players but require clarification for learners.

Chess Course – Chess Lessons for Performance

This comprehensive one-year chess course, the Grandmaster Package, comes with professional chess teacher support, ensuring you have assistance whenever you need it.

Wishing You Success on Your Chess Journey!
Chess Teachers Team