Chess Teachers

The head of our teachers' team is Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, active player and one of the strongest in the world, with a best ELO rating of over 2700. Moreover, Andrei is a professional chess coach assisting other top grandmasters to prepare for their games. All ICS team members are world-class players as well as accomplished professional teachers, with a vast teaching experience and with important contributions to theoretical publications such as NewInChess, ChessBase, Informant, Gambit, Correspondence Chess News, and many others.

Thousands of chess players studied at our chess school over the last 10 years with remarkable results: a World Schools Chess Champion, numerous national champions (in more countries in the World), and many FIDE titles.

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The chess teachers of our school:

1. Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, best FIDE ELO: 2709

  • top-grandmaster, one of strongest players in the World
  • winner of the U16 European Youth Chess Championship
  • winner of more than 100 first prizes at international competitions
  • multiple-time national chess champion
  • chess coach at top levels: he trained the national chess team of France
  • instructor for other chess teachers
  • assistant of top Grandmasters at top level competitions

2. International Master Daniel Moldovan, best FIDE ELO: 2462

  • multiple-time national chess champion
  • placed 5th in World Junior Under 20 Championship
  • draws against World Chess Champions like Topalov and Kramnik
  • winner of multiple high-level International tournaments
  • coach for high-performance - with great results, including Grandmasters, World Scholastic Chess Champion, and national champions
  • instructor for other chess teachers
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in sports management

3. International Master Petre Nad Titus, best FIDE ELO: 2411

  • FIDE certified chess trainer
  • has written numerous materials on chess strategy, openings, and endgames
  • years of experience lecturing for video chess lessons
  • years of experience teaching children and adults over the Internet
  • multiple methods of teaching which he adapts perfectly to his students
  • expert in motivation and logical thinking

4. International Master Codrut Florescu, best FIDE ELO: 2428

  • chess instructor expert in all phases of the game
  • active chess player, very dynamic style of play
  • winner of many International tournaments

5. International Master Alexandru Manea, best FIDE ELO: 2429

  • chess teacher expert in openings and endgames
  • expert in chess psychology
  • expert in physical preparation
  • a very experienced chess teacher for children

6. FIDE Master Marius Ceteras, best FIDE ELO: 2440

  • chess coach expert in strategy and analysis
  • excellent correspondence chess player
  • positional style of play

7. International Master Andrei Cioara, best FIDE ELO: 2496

  • chess teacher expert in openings and middlegame
  • FIDE International Arbiter
  • active chess player, very complex style of play
  • winner of many International tournaments

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