The Lessons - What you Study

No, not all chess lessons are the same. Many chess enthusiasts study chess books of all kinds, but again, very few became chess masters. Why is that? It is because the chess lessons - exactly WHAT you learn makes the difference between success and failure.

Even if you have studied other materials on a certain subject, in our lessons you will discover UNIQUE elements and theory which will make an important difference in your games.

"I have read hundreds of chess books over the years but never learned many of the points which you made so clear!" - Jeff K

"With your original chess school it looks like all the tools necessary to reach master level are being provided. Thank you for continuing to be on the innovative road of chess training with the approach to training that I always thought was possible but never knew where to find it." - Andrew Plunkett, Canada


There is a lot to learn and time is precious. Our lessons are straight to the point and well-structured so you can study and progress quickly. The explanations are very clear so you can understand and assimilate the concepts with ease.

You will follow a structured study plan and learn new things every month, so your chess will improve month by month, every month. The final tests at the end of the program are targeted at the master level. Check out the one-year program (PDF file).

After subscribing, you will be able to get at a bargain price, our Complete Opening Repertoire, which includes more openings for both White and Black. Structured on more modules, we teach the openings gradually, explaining the ideas, the plans of play and what you have to do. This openings repertoire is designed to work with the Grandmaster Package.

"Speaking as someone who has over 500 chess books (I am somewhat of a collector) I have found this program to be HIGHLY instructive and easy to assimilate. I finally feel like I have a systematic approach that can help me stay on track and meet my goals." - Roland W.

Grandmaster Package includes top-quality chess training in:

  • Complete, advanced chess strategy;
  • Thinking process: You will learn to Think Like a Strong Player;
  • Board visualization - importance, training, technique;
  • The art of analysis - in the spirit of Botvinnik / Russian chess school;
  • Positional chess exercises and strategy tests - unique ICS training;
  • Technique - how to win a "winning position", how to save bad positions;
  • Winning chess plans in all typical positions;
  • What to really look for in any position on the board;
  • Essential lessons in tactics and calculation;
  • Grandmaster games with instructive annotations.

Moreover, the Grandmaster Package includes over 12 hours of video lectures as bonus material to help you understand the theoretical subjects more easily and deeply.


The Grandmaster Package covers a large variety of material. The following samples are from the beginning of the course. More advanced lessons are taught in the subsequent months.


"I wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of the material provided. I have an ELO of around 2150 and have read hundreds of chess books. Rarely, if ever, have I encountered such a clear explanation." - John M