Chess Lessons

At the International Chess School, we run comprehensive courses with a big variety of chess lessons. With over 500 chess lessons and hundreds of video lectures, we have the largest collection of online chess training materials. All of our courses also provide professional, structured plans of improvement. Our online chess lessons teach everything: from the opening to the endgame and for all levels in chess from amateur to Grandmaster.

Check out below free samples of our chess lessons:

Chess Lessons on Strategy

In our Grandmaster Package, we teach the complete theory of chess strategy. You will know what to do in any situation on the chess board.

Our chess lessons on strategy are geared to teach you how to play the middlegame.

Beside lessons on strategy, we teach correct thinking and decision-making in chess:

When you take our courses, you will be encouraged to use this structured thinking process. Our chess lessons also teach Practical Chess Strategy. Find out more and get more PDF chess lesson samples in our GRANDMASTER PACKAGE.

Chess Lessons on Tactics

A player's tactical strength depends in large measure on the initial instruction. This initial instruction on chess tactics plays a very important role in molding the player’s mind for high performance in chess.

In our core chess courses we also explain the importance of board visualization. What's more, you will get tested practical chess lessons to help you develop this important tactical skill.

Chess Lessons on Openings

We offer a complete chess opening repertoire for high-performance. After you subscribe to the Grandmaster Package you will be able to take these lessons on openings directly from your account.

In the course Systems of Champions, 144 annotated games offer you the chance to learn chess openings in a completely different way: you will understand the opening moves, the ideas of every major opening in chess and their related middlegames.
You will also get nearly 100 videos which include real chess lessons on openings as a bonus with your subscription to this course.

Chess Lessons on Endgames

Both our courses "Chess Essentials" and "Systems of Champions" come with highly instructive games annotated all the way through the endgame. Our students tell us that these games are so well annotated, it's like an endgame course built in. Our annotations are real chess lessons on Endgames which contain a wealth of practical advice.

As a free bonus for the course "Chess Essentials", we offer 72 video chess lessons on complex endgames. Find out more about our Chess Video Lessons on Endgames.

Video Chess Lessons

All our Video Chess Lessons are offered as a free bonus with your subscription to any of our courses where the real improvement in chess occurs. You will get video chess lessons on openings, strategy, endgames and game analysis depending on the course you choose.

Chess Lessons from a Grandmaster

If you want chess lessons from a grandmaster, you came to the right place. Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu is one of our chess school's teachers. He studied with some of the best chess coaches in the world and became an International master at 16 years old and a grandmaster at 18 years old. With a ELO rating performance of 2700, Andrei is a TOP grandmaster and one of strongest players in the World.

Our chess lessons and courses follow the same methods of the good chess schools that effectively create grandmasters.