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Chess Study Method

Even excellent chess lessons could be difficult for any student to assimilate without a good study method. Ours is very simple, yet the most effective:

  • The student reads the theoretical lesson (which is clear and well structured);
  • After reading the theory, the student will go through instructive games we are providing together with the lesson;
  • After the first 2 steps, the student will have to solve on his own some positions, answering to some questions* and finding the best move and concrete variations;
  • The proper solutions to the above problems/exercises are then provided with specific comments so that the student has the second chance to understand and digest the theoretical concepts;
  • From time to time, the student will receive other exercises on previous themes to refresh his knowledge. Of course, any problem in solving these exercises indicates that particular theory should be revised.

* Every problem/puzzle contains a set of neat questions which are vital in the process of "building" a systematized thinking and a correct way of assessing the position. The question is sometimes more important than the answer and this is right in our case.
A strong player should answer these questions in his mind, in order to find the best move.

After seeing the correct questions over and over, the student will surely learn to think like a strong chess player and, therefore, will play like a strong player.

Obstacles? At our school, you also have someone to address your questions if any.

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