Books, Videos, Teacher or ICS?

Here we are comparing our chess school (ICS) with other methods of training:

1. A good chess book;
2. A set of video chess lectures;
3. A personal chess teacher for 4 online sessions per month;
4. A month of training at International Chess School.

Chess Book Chess Videos Chess Teacher ICS
Quantity of information HIGH MEDIUM LOW HIGH
Quality of information HIGH GOOD HIGH HIGH
Long-term plan of improvement NO NO HIGH HIGH
Interaction NO NO HIGH *, FREE
Videos, online
& cost
NO YES, $20-$300 YES, $200-400 YES, FREE
Written lessons
& cost
YES, $20-50 NO NO YES, $34
Money back guarantee YES YES NO YES
Teacher Support NO NO YES YES
Study & training
Expertise, i.e.
# of teachers
1-3 1 1 7, 2700 ELO

* Teacher support - when you subscribe to the Grandmaster Package, you have our free teacher support! If you do not understand something, just send us an email and we will help you personally. It is like having a chess teacher. Furthermore, if you have general questions on how to train, what openings to choose, and so on, we will be glad to help you.

Very rigorous and organized studying is a must for serious progress. A piecemeal approach, reading a book, then watching a video, then watching another with no connection to the first and not following a study plan is the No. 1 mistake of learning. With our course, you will follow a professional, organized study plan for one year.