Free Chess Test

Please read the following instructions before starting the chess test.

Few words before to start the chess test:

  • The test consists of 15 rated quizzes.
  • The diagrams of the test are divided into several categories: opening, strategy, tactics, endgame, and also creativity.
  • It is not a test of tactical exercises only, so consider the following positions as they would have been taken from your own games.  In a game, nobody alerts you that a tactical blow, a strategic maneuver, or just a simple move has to be found.
  • In this chess test, you will find all kinds of questions, from very easy to very hard, at random. As in real life (chess game), indeed.
  • To be able to answer all the questions, you have to know the English descriptive chess notation.
  • It is a hard chess test. Hardly can one take all the points, even if he/she is a chess master.
  • Before you start the test, have a look at the following section.

The 7 criterias of evaluating a position (to help you for the test):

  • the material forces ratio of the two players,
  • the imminent threats,
  • the position of the Kings (to what extent are they exposed),
  • the control of the open lines,
  • the pawns structure, weak and strong squares,
  • the control of the center and the space advantage,
  • the development and the position of the pieces.

English descriptive chess notation.
For the test, you will also have to find the best moves and to use the English descriptive chess notation:

  • The pieces notations: King=K, Queen=Q, Rook=R, Bishop=B, Knight=N, pawn=(nothing)
  • To indicate a move, you have to write the initial letter of the piece and the destination square.
  • The destination square has to be indicated like this: first the letter of the file and then the number of the rank, e.g. c5.  But not 5c!  Don't let a space between the signs: c 5, it is not correct.
  • Examples:
    • If you want to move the Bishop on b5, you write Bb5;
    • If you want to move the Pawn on a6, you write a6, without any initial.
    • If you want to capture a piece, you may write either: Bxc6, or Bc6.
  • You have to know also that, in our test it's very important the destination square, so pay attention when you write that.

Good luck!
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